Welcome to Woodsman Crafts


Here you will find information on bushcraft, green wood carving and related subjects. The majority of my work is produced from natural materials, that I have gathered mainly from my local area of Derbyshire.


Available for Bushcraft Instruction, with a range of courses and skills demonstrations.


I can visit your site and teach a full range of Firelighting methods, Safe Knife, Axe and Saw use, Spoon carving, Setting up a camp, Wild food and cooking, Where to find water and make safe, Shelter building and other bushcraft and survival subjects. Suitable for Individuals, Groups, Forest schools, Craft groups,
Scouting or for general interest.


An extensive amount of useful Information regarding spending time in the outdoors and aquiring new skills, can be found in my Blog along with detailed how to guides. Links and recipies sections also contain additional information.


When time allows I enjoy producing a range of crafts, green wood carving, leather work and forging. My work includes spoons, bowls, bark containers, bowdrill sets, knives and sheaths. Which are often available from my online shop




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